Wait, did Jackson Hole High School students just redesign the International Space Station?

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Several Jackson Hole High School students toured the Johnson Space Center recently. NASA showed them around the place including a look at the Mission Control, the Robotics Lab, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, and a behind-the-scenes view of the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility.

The students also got to write their name on a piece of hardware that is set for launch to the ISS, so their names will soon be in space.

But these students were hardly tourists. They were more like working partners with NASA.

These NASA HUNCH students have been working on their Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Capstone assignments for most of the school year. The hands-on teaching/training STEM assignments tackle actual situational “problems” NASA has with design elements within its space modules.

Noisy fans that need quieting, ineffective airflow, ill-fitting exercise harnesses—nuisance design flaws that NASA would like to make better for astronauts but their scientists and engineers are busy with bigger things, like how to fly a space ship to Mars and back.

Three teams from JHHS worked for months to try and better living conditions on the International Space Station. They completed their projects and presented them to NASA’s Astronaut Office. All three groups were then invited to Houston to show their projects in person.

Once there, they set up their presentations in a science fair style, Engineers and astronauts talked with the groups about their projects. NASA will make a determination about which design features intrigued them enough to move forward with in the future.

PLTW Capstone Projects

The Bungee Bar (Aaron Trauner, Grace Prochilo, and Chris Galbraith)

Bungee Bar Team

The Quiet Fan (Clark Buchenroth, Morana Lundquist, Ted McDaniel)

Quiet Fan Team

Single Point Harness (Brian Baker, Julian Web, Jake Kravetsky, Kyle Scholtens)

Single Point Harness Team

via Buckrail https://ift.tt/2IbhiZj


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