Visiting an Old Friend Today



Space Program Influence

Picked up some old comic books at my parents house today and happened upon this ad while thumbing through them. It was in a 1968 book and shows you a little bit about how folks thought about space back then.

And no, I didn’t find an original Superman edition or anything so no instant wealth. Mostly Archie and Veronica if you remember those.

Slick tarp that collects rainwater

I love it when someone comes up with something that makes you snap your finger and say "why didn’t I think of that?" This is a slick tarp setup that collects rainwater into water bottles at the corners. You could also adapt this to collect, and filter, rainwater so as you slept in your hammock overnight it was filling your water bottles with clean water for the next day’s trip. Just a neat idea…

Major Changes

I made some major changes to this blog and it’s direction today. I hope to use it more each day and not “save” it for the perfect post. So that’s my promise. More imperfect posts more frequently.