Movers and Makers: Lynn Hanrahan

This is my next camping vehicle. Not too big, easily modified, and fairly decent gas mileage. The only question is will it tow an Airstream?


New York Storage Unit Sells for $300K

Check out this story from Apartment Therapy on the cost of a NY storage unit. And you thought your house note was bad…

New York Storage Unit Sells for $300K

“In the basement of Tribeca’s newest luxury high rise, the storage wars are underway. 56 Leonard just sold a 200 square-foot storage unit for $300,000 — that’s $1,500 a square foot. The condos themselves are going between $2,000 and $6,000 a square foot, with the penthouse under contract for $47 million. The building is set to open in 2015.”

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Seattle Blend of Art and Power

I love it when you can blend art with tech. Solar power may not be the most practical power around, but when you can create a sculpture and also have it perform some function, that is very cool.

These giant singing flowers are also creating solar power

This installation of solar panels could have come right out of a Dr. Seuss book.

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Feng Shui and Tiny Houses

Guest Post Decorating a tiny house can be a challenge. Colors that would bring drama into a normal sized room can overwhelm a small space, making it seem even smaller than it already is. Many décor items take up to much valuable floor and wall space—space that would be better utilized for storage. However, these […]

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IFTTT’s Twitter Triggers Are Back for Twitter-Based Automation

IFTTT's Twitter Triggers Are Back for Twitter-Based Automation

IFTTT, the awesome webapp automation service we love so much, just brought back it’s formerly-discontinued Twitter triggers. Now you can use Twitter to automate all your favorite web services. Check out IFTTT’s blog post for more info.

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To Stay in Space, You Gotta Go Fast

Great article from “What If?” explaining why the International Space Station travels so fast. It’s not really to go high, it’s to keep from falling back to Earth. You can really get a good sense of how fast it moves by watching it fly over your house at night. This NASA website will help you determine when it will be visible over your town. At first you’ll think it is one of the stars and wonder if you can tell it apart from all of the other lights in the sky. When you see it you’ll know. It’s the smoking fast star streaking across the sky.

A New Take on the Old Washboard

Ever wanted to wash clothes on the road, or in the woods, and found yourself fumbling around in a dirty sink or left with a so-so clean shirt? The Scrubba wash bag is a new way to wash a couple of t-shirts or similar apparel in just a few minutes. Drop your items into the bag, add a little water and detergent, and scrub away. Two or three minutes should be plenty of time to get a t-shirt clean enough to wear again. This sounds like a great traveling companion for those days when you want to travel light but maintain the ability to do a little cleaning at camp or int he hotel room.