You Can Eat This Straw When You’re Done Slurping Your Drink

Plastic straws are an environmental nightmare. In the next 24 hours, Americans will throw away somewhere around 500 million plastic straws.
If that sounds like a whole lotta waste, that’s because it is. It’s enough straws to fill more than 120 school buses in a single day… or Yankee Stadium every 40 days. The worst part about all that plastic? It doesn’t biodegrade. It just breaks down into smaller bits of plastic and ends up creating an even bigger mess.
There are better options available, like stainless steel, glass, and bamboo straws. For one time use, there’s paper… but most paper straws still end up in the landfill.
You don’t have to throw Lolistraw in the trash, however. You can toss it in the compost bin. Or, if you’re still a little peckish after you finish whatever meal accompanied the beverage you were slurping…. you can eat it.

Yep, you can eat Lolistraw without suffering any serious side effects. That is, of course, as long as you chew it thoroughly before attempting to swallow it.
That’s because Lolistraw is made of seaweed. Its creators say it feels like an ordinary plastic straw, but it’s also “hypercompoastable.” Lolistraw is also “fun and delicious.” Fun because it comes in several different colors. Delicious because Lolistraw can also be flavored. Potential flavors being pitched on Kickstarter include vanilla, mango, rose, yuzu, and charcoal.
A Lolistraw will start to break down just 24 hours after being used. It will fully biodegrade in just 60 days, and it’s perfectly fine to toss into an anaerobic digester where it can create clean energy.
If you’d like to support the Lolistraw revolution, you can do so on Kickstarter for as little as $10 — which will score you a pack of 10 straws to share (or use ’em all yourself, totally your call). If you want to go big, you can pick up 10,000 — enough straws to last yourself a couple of decades  — for just $5,000!

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