To Get People to Change, Make Change Easy

Pretty compelling quote from this article in Harvard Business Review. Highly recommend you read the whole article. Link below.

A consulting firm we’ve worked with uses the Banana Principle to facilitate cross-team collaboration. The friction standing in the way of seamless interaction? Doors and legs. Yes, it just takes a bit of effort to walk over to someone’s office and open the door, but even that seemed to be too much to ask at this firm. So to combat this friction, the company set aside neutral turf for cross-functional teams. Most workplaces have enclosed conference rooms for this purpose, but conference rooms take time and effort to book, and they don’t flex well to accommodate the needs of different groups. So this consulting firm designated several door-less spaces for employees to use however they needed. Then they went a step further by ordering chairs and tables with wheels at the bottoms of their legs, making it easy to roll together rather than dragging furniture into place.

via To Get People to Change, Make Change Easy

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