UT Dallas Researchers Help You Listen to the Apollo Missions

First go read/listen to this KERA story on UT Dallas researchers working on a project to clean up and archive thousands of hours of audio from NASA’s Apollo missions. Some of it you’ll recognize (“one small step for man”) and some of it you won’t: many of the tapes have “sat unheard in storage for decades,” and cover some of the less glamorous discussions amongst egghead engineers and rocket scientists.

Then get to the audio itself, which is being uploaded online at “Explore Apollo.” It looks like they’ve started with the justifiably famous Apollo 11 mission to the moon, sharing remarkably clear audio communications between Johnson Space Center and the astronauts, covering the lunar module landing and Neil Armstrong’s historic lunar stroll.

It is, to borrow the scientific term, pretty neat.

via “Johnson Space Center” – Google News http://ift.tt/2p7LY5g

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